If there are indications of a water leak underneath one’s ones Cedar Hill kitchen sink, find out if the water is leaking while the garbage disposal is running. If that is the case, there could be a few different problems. The good news is, many issues with garbage disposals which cause leaks are a rather simple plumbing repair to fix without an expert.

Although the water might appear to be leaking from the bottom of the disposal, the leak could actually be in another place. There are four primary areas that tend to leak. They are, the sink flange, the dishwasher hose, the drain, and directly underneath the garbage disposal. Keep reading to learn more about the more common troubles with garbage disposal leaking and ways to mend them.

Typical Garbage Disposal ProblemsGarbage Disposal Repair Cedar Hill

Sink Flange
The sink flange is where the garbage disposal and the sink meet. In order to know if this is the issue, plug the sink and fill it slightly under 1/2 way with water. Pour food coloring into the water. If there is any water dripping before the sink gets unplugged, the problem is with the sink flange. If this is the case, the sink flange seal is likely worn out. In order to fix this problem, one would need to remove the garbage disposal from the sink and seal the flange up again.

Drain Line or Dishwasher Hose
If there was no water dripping before the sink was unplugged, unplug it to locate the source of the leak. The dishwasher hose is pretty quick to find. It’s where the hose and the garbage disposal link. The drain line is where the drainage pipe and the disposal link up. Both issues can also be due to a damaged seal. In any case, the seal will, once again, need to be fixed. However, the process for resealing the disposal’s connection to the dishwasher hose or the drain pipe may vary based on the disposal.

Garbage Disposal BasinCedar Hill Garbage Disposer Repair
In cases where the water is dripping straight out of the bottom of the garbage disposal, the seals within the basin are likely worn out. These seals can be restored, but, there are a number of seals within the garbage disposal. So, if one breaks, yet another break will, often, soon follow. In this predicament, it can be a good choice to have the garbage disposal replaced.

If the garbage disposal is still causing issues or there are still signs of water damage on the bottom of the sink cabinet, contact us. We can get the necessary plumbing repair done quick.


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